Myra McLarey

Myra McLarey's

The Last Will and Testament of Rosetta Sugars Tramble is 

"Wonderful and wonder-filled," says Alice Randall, "a wise travel into and through the soul of the South."

New from Ink Brush Press

now available in print and as an e-book for the Kindle

The Last Will and Testament of Rosetta Sugars Tramble begins with the burning of a church under suspicious circumstances in Southwest Arkansas in 1988. But we are soon taken back to 1899 where the novel spends most of its time moving back and forth between Sugars Springs and Bethel, the twined black and white townships we came to know in Myra McLarey’s critically acclaimed Water from the Well. Through the magic of McLarey’s richly textured prose—paced perfectly for this story—we come to understand how the tribulations and triumphs of the people of those long ago days still resound in our lives.

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